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    Hi, I am guessing you are interested in obtaining a content creator role on Bytecade.​

    Here is how:
    • Have at least 5,000 subscribers on an ACTIVE Minecraft content Youtube channel.
      • We do make exceptions, and you may see exceptions already in effect with some of our current creators. There were most likely preliminary arrangements in place. Just because there was an exception for one person, does not one will necessarily be made for you.
    • Have at least 1,000 views per video within three days of uploading the video.
    • You are not required to post a video of Bytecade before receiving the rank.
    • Have no punishments within the past 3 months OR have record of Severity 4 or higher.
    • Your content must be appropriate for most audiences (nothing crazy such as only younger audiences can view it).
    Submit an interest application by emailing:
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